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Need Help With Real Estate App (Objective C)
I need assistance with creating a login page for my Real Estate App which is currently designed in Objective C. I also need help to integrate a post section, where users can post their properties Currently the database is a XML File, that can be read locally or from a server. This can change, depending on whatever the designer wish to use. But I would rather not use any 3rd Party as I want full control over the database. The App is already completed, but I believe this is needed for it to be a complete App.
1. Simple Login Page (Supports Facebook, Twitter & Google + Manual Email and Password Login)
- Would prefer full control over the database, instead of using 3rd Party Extensions

2. Users should be able to post their House/Condos/Apartments.
- In the post, users should also be able to upload images, text such as Number of bathrooms, bedrooms etc.

The App is already completed, but need these features integrated

Currently the Code used is Objective C


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