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bTelli is a online marketplace for freelancers and clients to come together to work on a project. Freelancers can post their talents/skills and clients can post projects and use bTelli to find the right freelancers.

bTelli provides a platform to showcase freelancers skills and find you the right person for Clients projects.

Upon registering a Client account, you can start creating a post right away to get the process started. Once a project is posted and approved by us, you will receive applicants sending you proposals. After selecting one or more freelancers, you will then be directing to a payment page. This is to authorize the payments, the payments will only be deducted from your method of payments once the project is completed.

Freelancers can sign up and create profiles that showcase your jobs and work history. Upon registering, freelancers can post a job to specify their skills and talents. Freelancers can also browse through the projects and apply to become a Client.

bTelli is for everyone who is looking to utilize their skills and talents online. We offer a competitive fee and provide marketing and business resources for freelancers to allow your profiles to reach more audiences.

For clients, we help you find the right talent for your project without the advertising cost and fixed cost. Project base hires and we offer worldwide talent that are accessible at your finger tips. We provide a platform of certified freelancers, to make collaboration more convenient and reduce cost of overhead by having the projects completed online.

bTelli is a web platform supported in all countries. For you to receive payment, ensure you visit our Fees section.

bTelli offered competitive fees structure, for more information please see Fees

You can contact the support team any time at support@bTelli.com if you are unable to see your query in this FAQ.

You can opt-out of or mailing list by clicking on the unsubscribe button in the email sent to you by us.

Upon signing in, users can go into manage your post to edit, delete and cancel your post.

For a client to post a project, you must have to register your account online first at bTelli Registration . After registration you will see the link to “Post a Job. You can find the same link here at Post a Job

bTelli reviews every project posted. By posting a project, you agree to our terms of conditions Terms of Service. Projects that are in violation of terms and conditions will be deleted such as:

  1. Pornography and sexual contents
  2. Illegal trade of drugs and weapons
  3. Use of foul language and racist, sexist words
  4. Cloning/Spamming Posts/Jobs
  5. Projects posted Copyright that contains links to external websites
  6. Marketing for external sites
  7. Any posts that suggests that money exchange will be done outside of bTelli
  8. Child labor and human trafficking
  9. Advertisements of any kind
  10. Illegal activities of any kind according to Canada Law and the Laws of the country you reside in.

bTelli reviews every project to ensure the compliance of our terms and condition. Every post will be approved by our administrator within 24 hours of creation. We will make your post public once it is approved.

Projects that are in violation of our terms and conditions will be deleted and users will receive a email notifying the violation of terms and conditions. (Please see - “Why is my project rejected”)