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What is Freelancing?

What is Freelancing?

Are you tired of working for someone else? Have you ever dreamed about being your own boss? Do you want to pursue your own passion but you wonder if you are going to make enough money for a living? 

In this blog, we are going to talk about a concept of innovative work style that is going to change your perception of work. 

Who says work has to be 9-5? Also, isn’t it annoying to commute to work everyday using the  unreliable public transport or even in your car stuck in traffic? 
Work nowadays can be anything you want it to be; this is what freelancing is all about, to drive your passion and to be your own boss. 

Freelancing is for people who are looking to work on individual projects instead of working for a company that pays fixed salary. Freelancers, are independent professionals that provide a variety of services that are either paid on an hourly rate or a fixed rate per project. The most common professional services are: photography, software engineering, web/mobile app development, blog writing, models, makeup artists, designers, consultants, finance / marketing and film production. 

The average freelancer earns $19 per hour depending on the industry. The hourly rate varies and most freelancers find more work through popular freelancing marketplace such as bTelli, Upwork and These freelancing marketplace provides a platform for freelancers and clients to find each other and build a trust system between the two parties. Individuals will be able to save on expenses, such as advertising to promote themselves to get noticed, and find work more easily using platforms like bTelli. 

Now that we have covered what is freelancing is and the benefit of freelancing, who is it really for? Is it for you? 

The answer is freelancing is for everyone. You can pick up a side project to make some extra cash. You can be a full-time mom and work on projects at home while taking care of kids. You can be a full time accountant and still pursue your passion in producing and editing videos one project at a time. You can be a fresh graduate looking to gain more experience and exposure. Freelancing is for everyone because it is convenient and you are only committed to projects that you want to work on, it can be one at a time or you can take on multiple projects and do freelancing full time. 
If you think freelancing is only for professionals to work on a project, you are missing a very significant piece of the puzzle. Freelancing is also for clients and companies hiring talents of all kinds. Instead of hiring someone full-time and paying fixed salaries, why not cut the expense and pay for one project at a time. You can hire more people and have the projects finished faster than using the same amount of money to hire one individual. The best thing is you can hire people from around the world to work on projects. You can not only save the cost, but also have a global perspective and assign work remotely without an office space. 
It is really a win-win scenario for both parties. 

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