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8 Reasons Why You Should Be A Freelancer

8 Reasons Why You Should Be A Freelancer

  1. Being in control – You manage your own project/business from start to finish. There is no one to tell you that your idea is not good, or to debate whether you should complete a specific task because of any push back.

  1. Be your own boss – Create your own schedule and work in the comfort at your own home/office/studio or wherever you are stationed at. Being your own boss, gives you the freedom of schedule, location, selecting what projects you would like to take on and also taking time off.

  1. Flexible Schedule – You don’t have to work a standard 9 – 5 shift; in fact, you have full control of the days you want to work including the hours. It of course takes determination and strength not to slack off, but once you are in a rhythm, work with the schedule you are comfortable with.

  1. Selecting Projects/Clients – Say you are an environmentalist, and a company from the Tobacco industry reaches out to you for an assistance with a project; because you are you own boss, you can simply refuse to work with them. You have the ultimate right to work with who you want and which project you will like to take on. There will be of course repercussion doing so, but doing what you believe in is good for your mental health and will ultimately give you a peace of mind.

  1. Job Security – There is no one to fire you; you are the one in control. It takes time to build your business/freelance portfolio but once you have established a backbone and the earnings start pouring in, there is no doubt that you will maintain your role as a business owner.

  1. Jack of all Trades – Being a freelancer, you will get a taste of being a business owner. Let say for example you are a web developer and you are selling domains and hosting services. You will have to research on registering your company, filing taxes, social marketing, and many small aspects to ensure you are co-operating with local laws and enough to grow your business. 

  1. Growth – If you are an employee working for a big company, the potential for growth varies based on seniority and also bureaucracy. As a freelancer, once you are able to manage time, projects and being consistent; you will see slowly but surely the growth as you as a person and also your business as an establishment. You will get followers, staff, investors and even IPO.

  1. Get paid for the work you put in – This may not apply to all, but have you ever stayed beyond hour shift and not get compensated for it? Well being a freelancer you will for sure end up in this scenario, however the upside is that you are getting paid for it. Essentially, you will be rewarded by the work you put in.



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