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5 Reasons why you need to become a  Freelance Web Developer

5 Reasons why you need to become a Freelance Web Developer

  1. No Degree, No Problem
    It’s good to have a Bachelors/Masters degrees, or some form of certification. However most of the web programming languages can be self taught by online resources.
    Once you are able to achieve a good portfolio, clients will eventually come around.

  1. Flexible in all areas of business
    If you are a Web Developer, there is a good chance you can use your programming skills to go into another field such as Mobile Development, Software, Application development due to the skills being transferable. You can start working as a web developer and work for another development related business.

  1. Unlimited Creativity
    If you are working for a start-up company or a developing company and they hire you to complete a project, you will most likely have full control of the design of the project.

  1. Make More Money $$$
    You control the cost of each project once you are chosen. You also have the option to choose which project you decide to do. Because you are the talent, you have the option to negotiate as needs be.
    Various statics illustrates that Freelance Web Developers make above $60,000 (CAD) on average annually.

  1. A Growing Profession
    One of the major reasons to become a freelance web developer is due to the high demand. In the early 2000s, no one knew the what the job title “Web Developer” was. No one knew what CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Pearl or even what a Virtual Server was; these professions were near non-existent. But due to the Hugh demand of business’s relying solely on developers to run their business, almost every company requires at least one developer.


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