About Us

About bTelli

bTelli is an online platform that connects young independent professional freelancers with business clients globally to share their talent and passion to kick start their career.

We are the matchmakers that finds the right talent for your needs. We support young independent professional freelancers from local communities to a greater global presence of opportunities.

Our Story

The idea behind bTelli started when the two founders were looking for side jobs to fulfill their passion during their free time. However, with no success in the search, the two founders decided to create a online platform dedicated for such needs. After months of putting all the pieces together, bTelli was founded December 2018.

Our Vision

An online platform for young independent professional freelancers to utilize their talent and to unlock their passion, globally.

Our Mission

To allow you to become who you are, what you are, and what your skill and passion enable you to be as a source of income.

Our Values

Preserve Local Community

- Supporting local communities by creating more jobs locally and helping out people in need both locally and globally.
- Supporting local cost by advertising volunteer events and raising awareness for charity

Preserve The Environment

Environmental friendly, encourage our artists and buyer for going electronic in terms of billing and commuting.

Preserve Creativity / Innovation

Encourage creative minds to share the world their talent and empower individuals to pursue their dreams and a bright future.

Preserve Diversity

Empower differences. What makes us different is what makes the world a better place.

Preserve Integrity

Committed to intellectual property and user privacy.

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