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At bTelli, we value creativity and offer more than 1000 services to make sure you find the right talent that you are looking for.

IT & Support

Web Development, iOS and Android Apps development, Software engineering, Social Media Marketing, Software support, E-commerces sales & Consulting

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Digital Design

Graphic Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, 3D Animation & Motion Graphics

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Film & Photography

Video and Film Production, Audio production & Photography

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Freelance Service

Legal advice, Accounting, Financial planing, Journalism / Editing & Translation

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Personal & Lifestyle

Beauty, Healthy lifestyle, Personal care, Professional organizer, Therapy etc.

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Gardening and landscaping design, Installation, Moving & everthing else

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bTelli is A worldwide resource to offer you the right talent for your project at your convenience.

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We will always be here to provide you with reliable services, 24/7 support with 100% guarantee at a cost effective rate.

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We will help you find customers, then after a careful review process, you then showcase your artwork then sell your product or services

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We provide 24/7 support to make it easier for our customer and service providers to find the support they need.

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We approve and check every single service provider to make sure they are qualified for providing the services.

Information Security

We ensure the your data is safely secured. We do not share with third parties unless you agree to.

Secure Payment System

We partner with a worldwide, top payment gateway company to provide our customers with the most reliable payment system and security.

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